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【新代科技 Syntec Technology Inc.】海外據點業務工程師 Overseas Sales Engineer
公司名稱 Company Name: 新代科技 Syntec Technology Inc.
職位 Job Title
海外據點業務工程師 Overseas Sales Engineer
名額 Number of Position
印尼、印度、越南、南韓、俄羅斯各 2 名
Indonesia, India, Vietnam, South Korea and Russia, 2 persons for each branch
職務說明 Job Description
1. 初期在台受訓,訓練時間長度由公司保留調整之權利,工作內容如下
- 硬體產品維修
- 軟體產品推廣
- 機電整合問題分析
- 業務擴展
2. 受訓完後,外派印度、印尼、越南、南韓、俄羅斯等據點,負責當地業務擴展與技術支援。
1. Syntec keeps the authority to modify the duration of training, and the training includes hardware product maintenance, software product promotion, problem analysis of mechanical and electrical integration, and sales expansion.
2. The trainee is expected to go back to original home country and establish a new operation after training in Taiwan.
工作條件 Job Requirement
1. 學歷為大學以上,機械工程、電機電子工程相關背景
2. 能夠獨立思考,喜歡面對人群者
3. 精通當地語言,能以中文溝通者與華僑尤佳
1. Bachelor, mechanical/electronical/electronic/mechatronic engineering background is required.
2. Being able to work independently, and willing to get along with customer.
3. Advanced in local language is required, fluent in Chinese is preferred.
待遇 Compensation 
依公司規定 Pay Grades and Salary Ranges by company policy
應徵方式 Apply for This Job
Provide the resume, autobiography, transcript, abstract(only the master background is required) via mail to
聯絡人 Contact
徐小姐 Emma  03-6663553 #121
聯絡地址 Address
新竹科學園區工業東四路 21 號
No.21, Industry E.Rd. 4, Hsinchu Science Park 30077, Taiwan, R.O.C.
公司網站 Website:
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